“Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.”

Agni House in red colour represents the brightness that is often described as cheerful and warm. We the Agni House teachers and students believe that we should always do our best without thinking of what will be the result.

The Inter House competitions, which were conducted, fostered a healthy spirit of competitions as well as strong sense of unity among the members of the house. The year 2018-19 has taught us to accept the moments of success and failure with indomitable spirit. Agni House has done exceedingly well in almost all the events.

This year our school has organized a lot of indoor and outdoor games and sports activities for the students. And it is a matter of immense pride that our house emerged as the overall winner at the Athletic Meet. Apart from that a lot of cultural events were organized like RIS IDOL, Dancing Competition, Fancy Dress Competition, Salad Making Competition, Basket Ball Championship, Jingles Ad Making Competition, Multi-media presentation, One Act Plays etc. House teachers of Agni house are Ms. Raveena Khera, Ms. Shikha Sharma and Mr. Saurav Vyas.

Ms. Alisha Khan

House Mistress -Agni House 2021-22


“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

As our house name ‘AKASH’ means SKY which denotes that sky has no limits. Similarly, in achieving our goals and targets there should be no limits, we have to work harder and with full of enthusiasm to achieve success. We feel proud that in last year’s session 2018-2019 we were honoured with the Cultural Trophy.

Now onwards we will work with more energy and dedication which will in turn help students with their overall development. House teachers of Akash house are Ms. Jyoti Kothiyal and Ms. Alisha.

Ms. Priyanka Kudiyal
House Mistress - Akash House 2021-22


Vaayu House is known for it’s high sports spirit and unity. For an overall development of a child and to build up the confidence, Inter house competitions were organized. Following our motto, we gave a tough competition to our rivals across all the sports and cultural activities which were held in the session 2018-19.

Our house took part in activities like dancing, singing, elocution, salad making, debating, basketball championship and many more. This year’s aim is to work hard and win all the trophies

House teachers of Vaayu house are Ms. Nomita Dhyani and Ms. Rashmi Rathore

Ms.Amandeep Kaur
House Mistress - Vaayu House 2021-22


“Self-belief and hard work will always earn success”

Jal house represents growth and harmony which is the essence of the environment. The students of our house are responsible and sociable. Members’ associated with Jal house are all-rounders, consistently good performers in academics as well as sports.

Their greatest asset is their confidence and determination which lead to their triumphant in many of the co-curricular activities, be it quizzing or sports.

House teachers of Jal house are Ms. Sonika Sachdeva and Ms. Rajni Baluni.

Ms. Kalpna Balodi
House Mistress - Jal House 2021-22